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DEC 09, 2014
Meet Angelina Kim – a young mother living in Sydney and her journey to cold-press juicing.

Meet Angelina Kim – a young mother living in Sydney and her journey to cold-press juicing.

In November 2008, I came to Australia to do some travel and a bit of work, but mostly to gain new experiences. I started my journey in the Gold Coast and after 3 months enjoying the laid back Aussie lifestyle in Queensland, I decided to move to Sydney. Shortly after, I met the love of my life and I knew pretty soon that my life would change and I would stay in this amazing country for good. It’s true when they say – home is where your heart is.

Australia is very different to my home country of Estonia and one of the things I found very surprising was how you can get pretty much most fruit and vegetable all year round in Australia. I also noticed how popular fitness was in Australia. Everyone looked so healthy and it felt like everyone I knew would go the gym. This inspired me to become more conscious of my health and fitness and soon enough I was happy to become a member of our health conscious community who care about how they look, how they feel and what they put in their mouths. I noticed an increase of juice and yoghurt shops and was really happy with the idea of having such healthy options for my lunch break.

Coming from a country which has a completely different diet, I learnt very quickly that I would have to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, because of the warmer climate. Back in Estonia, we would often stay in and eat heavy, comfort food to help survive the -30 degree Celsius winters.

In the supermarket, I would see all these vegetables and greens and had no idea what to do with them, so ended up buying and cooking in the only way I knew how. However, I also started thinking about how cooking these vegetables kills the nutrients and it seemed like such a waste to buy these fresh ingredients. As a result, I was very happy to see the same beautiful greens in juice bars.

I started buying freshly squeezed juice whenever I felt like boosting my energy levels or when I knew I was coming down with the flu. Then one day, I tried my first cold pressed green juice. My mother in law who owned an Angel Juicer, gave me a glass full of green

Goodness. I was so impressed that it could be so tasty, as it was a very earthy flavour and I was suddenly hooked! At the time I was doing Bootcamp training and was trying to eat healthy and loved the idea of juicing. I have never really been overweight, but I wanted to lose weight and tone my body for my wedding and cleanse to prepare for motherhood.

For our birthday, we received our very own Angel Juicer and started juicing right away. After just one week, we could already see a marked difference. Our skin improved, energy levels went up and we didn’t have to worry about always having vegetables on our plates, because we got all the vitamins and nutrients from juicing. I found that that once we started juicing it became a lifestyle. We would always go to the organic store and shop for some different varieties to experiment at home with. We found that the Angel Juicer was very quiet and easy to clean, so one of us would always make a juice and the other person would clean up, taking about 5 minutes to clean everything.

We did a lot of juicing before we started trying for a baby and it didn’t take long until we fell pregnant. I truly believe that juicing helped me with getting my body ready. I found that juicing also helped me a lot during morning sickness, although I didn’t always feel like having one. Every time my husband made me a juice I felt much better, and I can happily say that besides my morning sickness I had a very smooth and healthy pregnancy. I can’t remember the last time me or my husband were sick or had the flu.

Having the Angel Juicer saves us time and money. Before the Angel Juicer, we would always buy lots of vegetables during the weekly shopping that mostly ended up in the bin. However with the Angel Juicer, we always use our fresh produce to juice as it’s so quick and easy to wash and put through the juicer. Knowing that I am taking care of my body and that of my family is priceless and I am so grateful for all the healthful benefits that the Angel Juicer has provided for our wellbeing.

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