• Ensure you assemble the juicer correctly by following the manual instructions
• Firstly unpack all parts in the box and put on a flat and stable kitchen bench or table
• Unwrap all the packaging and separate all the parts
• Place the base of the juicer near a power point ready for use. Unplug the power cord before assembling
• Wipe out moisture from the gears and housing
• Assemble the gears by gently pushing the gears towards the main unit
• Slide the extracting housing on top of the gears
• Lock the clamp
• Place the splash guard on top of the extracting housing
• Place the rim of the juice cup and the rim of the pulp collecting cup adjacent to each other and in between the juice and pulp guide. Pulp may fall into the juice cup if the cups are placed in the wrong position


• Yes, however the cleaning process is very simple, just pull the three parts apart and rinse in cold or warm water with the Angelia brush provided. Detergent may be used
• Once you have finished juicing, disassemble the juicer by starting the juicer for 10 seconds and reversing the juicer for 3 seconds. This will loosen the pressure built up in the extracting housing
• Turn the power off with the power switch on the back of the juicer and unplug the power cord
• Unlock the extracting housing by lifting the locking clamp up. Slowly pull the extracting housing out from the base unit using both hands (TIP: pressing the start button with the locking clamp unlocked will automatically remove the extracting housing from the mount)
• Carefully pull the twin gears one by one away from the base unit
• Remove the pulp and fibre lodged in the screen area of the extracting housing by using the screen scraper (cleaning knife) provided in your pack
• Clean the extracting housing and twin gears with the cleaning brush provided in your pack
• Wipe moisture dry on parts and main unit with a dry cloth
• Clean all parts immediately after use before minerals from the juice builds up
• In order to avoid corrosion and damaging the magnetic sensor, DO NOT completely submerge the extracting housing in water
• Washing the extracting housing properly is very important because if you leave any excess pulp on the screen the quality of your juice will be lower. It is very easy to clean put the extracting housing under warm water and with the brush provided this should be a 1 minute job. If you have juiced a lot and you have excess pulp on the screen you can use the end of the brush and scrap it off before brushing it under warm water
• The whole cleaning process should take between 2 to 5 minutes
• To assemble the juicer refer to the notes above on how to assemble the juicer
• It is important to note that the cleaner you keep your juicer parts the better performance you will get from your juicer. Try not to build any excess juice residue on the parts.


• Check the plug has not been pulled out accidently from the power socket or the switch is turned off
• Check the fuse located behind the machine, under the power cord socket. If the fuse is broken, replace the fuse with the extra fuse provided in your kit
• The safety sensor may be broken. Call 0409 797 848 or email for further assistance
• Stop using the juicer. Call 0409 797 848 or email for further assistance
• The safety gear of the machine has been disabled. The machine has many safety devices installed to protect customers if they put too many ingredients or apply too much pressure. The safety device is the one within the speed gear. Call 0409 797 848 or email for further assistance
• A deformation of the blades on one or both gears may have occurred. Call 0409 797 848 or email for repair and/or replacement
• Check the plug has not been pulled out accidently from the power socket or the switch is turned off
• The juicer will not start unless all parts have been assembled
• Call 0409 797 848 or email for further assistance
• This means the motor has overheated and the heat safety sensor has stopped the motor
• You may have run the motor for over 30 minutes and need to wait up to 10 minutes for it to cool down and then start juicing again
• Leave the machine for 20 minutes with the power on for the cooling fan to run. The machine will operate once again after the heat has subsided.
• Check if anything is clogged in the gears. If the motor starts to work again, there is nothing wrong with the motor. If not call 0409 797 848 or email for further assistance
• It depends on the freshness of the fruit. If the fruit is dry and not in season then the amount of juice would be less.
Carrots and Beetroot in summer can create more pulp and less juice. Celery in September can all do the same.
• Sometimes juicing carrots can create more juice in comparison to normal carrots. Normal carrots can create more pulp depending on the season


• 4 years on the parts and labour
• 5 years on the motor
• Call 0409 797 848 or email for all your service needs


• Vegetables and fruits start to lose their vitality and nutrients right after they’re harvested. When they’re ground into cold press juice, oxidisation occurs and accelerates the process. It is therefore best to consume the juice right after extraction. However you may refrigerate cold press juice for up to 72 hours. Glass containers and jars are recommended over plastics
• The benefits of consuming cold press juice are maximised if the juice is consumed daily
• With small, slow sips to maximise absorbing nutrients. Chilled juice produced from vegetables taken from the fridge may delay the digestive process so it is important to leave the vegetables at room temperature before making the juice, if possible


• Cleanses are not advised for those who are pregnant, breastfeeding or on medication. Please seek medical advice before starting a cleanse if you have a medical condition.
• Some gentle exercise will get the circulation moving and will aid in detoxifying the body. A stroll around the block, some low-key yoga or a relaxing bike ride; whatever takes your fancy but don't overdo it.
• The cleansing process is a very personal experience, some people will find themselves more energised and focussed than normal, others might experience some fatigue or headaches. However don't be scared, this is just the body ridding itself of toxins. Just remember to drink plenty of water throughout.
• Start to cut out all diuretic stimulants and dehydrating foods and beverages, such as tea, coffee, soft drinks and alcohol. Replace these with herbal teas and water. Reduce your intake of processed and artificial foods, refined carbohydrates, refined sugar, dairy, wheat and red meat whilst increasing your intake of fresh vegetables, salads, fruits, wholegrain and pulses. Try to drink plenty of water to prepare your body as best as possible.
• The idea of a cleanse is to break old bad habits and to start new good habits. You should feel a reduced craving for fatty and sugary foods. Try to incorporate a green juice into your daily routine, whilst forgoing alcoholic drinks for at least 72hours once you have completed your cleanse. The more gently you re-introduce food into your diet, the better off you will feel.
• Yes. Our recommended cleanses provide enough calories and nourishment to keep your body and mind functioning. You will most likely find that you have lots of energy and brain power while cleansing, with less of a focus on where your next caffeine hit is coming from.
• The answer to this varies for each person. All our bodies our different, trust yours it will know what to do. We do not try to focus on weight loss as a goal during a cleanse. Think of it as a full body reset, prompting your body to re-balance itself and kicking off a springboard for a more balanced lifestyle.
• Body brushing daily will assist to aid the cleanse process as the skin is the largest organ of detoxification. Brush the whole body using circular motions towards the heart. Repeat this process twice a day on dry skin (before you shower). Light exercise as above. Other activities that will assist with cleansing are sweating (steam room/sauna), skin exfoliation, mediation/breathing exercises and exposure to natural sunlight and fresh air.
• Whilst cleansing we recommend drinking plenty of water throughout the day to aide the body ridding itself of toxins. Caffeine-free herbal teas are also a great addition during a cleanse.
• There is no set amount that a person should cleanse, it is a decision that should be discussed with a healthcare professional. We find many people like to cleanse when the excesses of life are catching up with them or in preparation to kick start a healthier, happier life in balance. This can mean anywhere from a weekly 1 day cleanse to a 3 day cleanse every three to six months. The initial cleanse can cause a slight shock to the system and some benefits may be felt such as weight loss, lighter insides and resetting of the taste buds. This first cleanse lays the foundations for subsequent cleanses and makes way for a complete body transformation.
At THE ANGEL JUICER we advocate making cold pressed juice a part of your daily routine to keep your immune system boosted and your body in top shape, inside and out.
• One of the main benefits of doing a cleanse is that you allow your digestive system to rest and recover. For every 2-day cleanse approximately 8kg of raw vegetables is consumed in juice form. It would be very hard to digest 8kg of raw vegetables without causing digestive discomfort.
• The juice can last up to three days. However, for optimal nutrient absorption we recommend consumption within 48 hours. Make sure that the juice is refrigerated at all times and shake well before consumption - it is normal for the juice to separate.
• We suggest that you stick mainly to raw foods on the day following your cleanse. Some great meal ideas are:
Breakfast - fresh fruit and natural yoghurt, quinoa porridge or poached eggs Lunch - steamed vegetables, vegetable soup, cold press fruit or vegetable juice
Dinner - salad or steamed fish with steamed vegetables
Snacks - juice (mainly vegetable), fresh fruit or vegetables, nuts

Try to reduce your portion sizes at meal times and attempt to eat slower than you normally would. It is important is to eat regularly (don’t skip meals) to retain your metabolism and drink plenty of water to maintain your fluid intake. It is normal for your body to crave an increase in cold press juice given the nutrient abundance and healing properties – if this is the case don’t hesitate to increase your cold press juicing!
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